Our sister business Gradstream provides a fast, innovative and low risk approach to filling sales, account management and business development positions in the corporate and industrial arena. We aim to help our clients by saving them time and money in filtering through the abundance of B2B sales applications through a rigorous interview, assessment and psychometric process to identify those who have the raw talent to become the top revenue generators and future leaders within their organisation.

Our mission is to become the go-to platform for hiring companies across the globe to access the elite of the university educated work force for client facing positions in a modern, professional and streamlined service embracing innovative video screening techniques. We are helping you find the top 1 %

Roles which we recruit:

R2R, B2B Sales, Graduate Entry, Junior Sales, Account Coordinators / Managers, Technology Sales, Recruitment Consultants, Business Development Managers, Graduate Engineering / Architecture / Renewable Energy / Urban Planning, Construction.