Riverland Project, SA, 2018

A $1 billion solar-battery farm to be built by Lyon Group and Downer EDI in South Australia’s Riverland it will be the world’s largest and ready to help prevent blackouts in the state’s fragile power grid by summer 2018 with ongoing maintenance needed

Lyon Group, a Brisbane-based partnership headed by David Green and backed by Mitsubishi of Japan and US hedge fund Magnetar Capital, has secured land and will start construction in June to be operational in December.

The project includes a 330 megawatt solar farm costing $700 million and a 100MW battery with four hours of storage – or 400MWh capacity. Grid connection negotiations are well advanced on privately owned scrubland land near the town of Morgan.

A battery farm of that size would have been big enough to prevent the partial SA blackout on February 8 – but not the epic blackout that crippled the state on September 28 last year.

The $1 billion solar-battery farm will be in SA’s Riverland district Lyon Solar.

The Riverland project isn’t dependent on the tender for grid scale batteries to fortify SA’s fragile power grid announced by the Weatherill government – but the outcome of that tender could influence the final configuration of the Riverland project.