(HS2) High Speed Rail 2, UK, 2033

HS2 is a new high speed railway line under development, which will run between London and Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. The route is also referred to as the Y network since it is roughly in the shape of the letter Y.

It is one of the most substantial transport infrastructure projects ever built in the UK. The project will provide vital transportation links between cities and regions across the United Kingdom. The HS2 network will reduce journey times between some of the UK’s largest cities and also create economic benefits and thousands of jobs.

The construction of phase I of the HS2 line is scheduled to commence in 2017 to be ready for the opening to passengers in 2026. The UK currently operates a 108km high speed railway line known as HS1.

HS2 is set to begin the engineering, design and environmental work for the first phase of the project. A hybrid bill is expected to be lodged in the Parliament by the end of 2017 to provide the authority to construct phase 2 of the project.