Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, India

It is a $90 billion ambitious project aimed at developing Industrial zones spanning across six states in India that would spur economic development in the region and develop industries.

It would be the biggest infrastructure project India has ever attempted in its history. The project will see major expansion of Infrastructure and Industry – including smart cities, industrial clusters along with rail, road, port, air connectivity – in the states along the route of the Corridor. Many smart cities would be developed alongside, such as the Dholera SIR in Gujarat, which is envisaged to be 6 times the size of Shanghai and 2 times the size of Delhi.

The backbone of the project would be the Dedicated Freight Corridor that would cut the logistical costs of manufactured goods to make it the lowest in the world. India needs to employ over 100 million people within the next decade and so this project assumes vital importance to develop manufacturing centres that could employ millions.