The Subscription Economy.

In recent years there has been a significant shift in business strategy away from the traditional pay-per-product system to one that revolves around a subscription-based model. We are here to understand and evolve with your business


Unlimited Placements

Just as Neflix or Spotify allows you to watch/listen to as many movies/songs as possible at a low monthly fee, our model will allow you to hire as many individuals as you want at no additional cost. Your team might be in rude health one week and short the next. The weight of purchasing multiple candidates at once is removed by ensuring they cost no more than the monthly rate. Our system will help you save money.


Unlimited Jobs

With uncapped access to our service, you can share as many vacancies as you want with us. Companies often refrain from externally hiring graduates or overseas professionals that have no local experience. The fees are not considered justified, and ideally, even positions which are harder to fill are not all sourced via recruiters. We offer this variety, allowing you to hire anyone through us and to plan ahead your hiring strategy based on your project pipeline, helping to remove the issue of requiring recruitment assistance at the hour of need.



Crucially this model will help boost your cash-flow. Small monthly payments automatically debited over a long period allow you to work within your budgetary constraints and not have to pay to multiple, expensive invoices. It allows greater flexibility for you, both in terms of easily managing outgoings and having a defined service at hand, any time.



Subscribing creates a clear framework which allows us to be as open as possible with each other. Just as the pricing is clearly defined, so too is the relationship, as we are able to work closely with you on any position without any ‘red-tape’. Over time we’ll be able to gain the highest level of understanding for your business, your team and your culture.


Client Portal

We will set you up with your own unique portal, accessible via our website or desktop, tablet or phone app. Here you can login to view and share content with us – post job tasks, share in discussion boards and create position and project folders where we can upload CV’s, portfolios and video interviews.

These can be viewed, shared and commented on by anyone in your business for maximum ease and efficiency. Gone are the days of tedious email communication; we are embracing cloud technology by creating an interface that will simplify and smoothen the recruitment process.

Video Interviewing

CV’s and portfolios can only offer so much of an insight into an individual without actually meeting them face-to-face. We have invested in cutting-edge software that will allow you to gain more rounded first-impressions of candidates.

We can arrange for candidates to record bite-size videos of themselves answering 3-5 questions that can be uploaded and stored in your portal. View, comment and share these with as many colleagues as you want anywhere any time.


The Goal

We understand the challenges of a small business working within a highly competitive market.

For us, it is all about building the relationship, because over time we can gain a greater understanding of your business, and will be able to efficiently deliver a consistent pool of talent.

If we can help build the people, they’ll help build the business.