Video Interviews – Technology Shortlisting

Cranfield Group is proud to offer a new service to companies and candidates looking to gain a competitive advantage through the use of modern technology. We are now offering a first in class recorded video interview product – a style of shortlisting that has proven to be more effective for screening, and a great choice for your business.

  • View and share the interview between hiring managers.
  • Plan more effectively for an in-person interview.
  • Identify why the applicant was chosen.
  • Reduce time and cost at the in person stage of process.

Video interviews give you far more information about the candidate than traditionally received from screening interviews, and yet still provides fast, rapid screening options that are great for identifying amazing candidates.



Video Interviewing Benefits

We’re confident that video interviews will identify the best candidates for your business, given the many advantages that these interviews have over traditional recruitment services or static one-way video interviews.

Some of the advantages include:

  • Broaden Talent Pool– Video interviews allow you to interview both nationally and internationally, and take away any issues related to distance.
  • More Information– Video interviews provide far more information about the candidate, including the ability to read body language and their ability to communicate personally.
  • Efficient– Video interviews are a type of efficient screening process, so that you’re quickly shortlisting down to the best applicants, but more importantly they help the efficacy of the next stage of your recruitment process when a recruitment expert conducts the two-way interview according to recruitment best practice.
  • Employer Branding– Video interviews are a better experience for the applicant as well. They feel that they connect more personally with your business, and they get a fair opportunity to engage in an authentic manner.
  • Transparency– Video interviews also allow you to see why we shortlisted each applicant. They help you trust the process while they give you a competitive advantage.

Talk to us TODAY and see how you can stand out from the crowd or save time during the initial interview process.