Giving Back

Now this is the nice part…

Growing a business and maintaining a healthy balance sheet is the mantra of any company, however we also appreciate that there are many people across the world who cannot access the same opportunities as others.

Given our specialisation in the built environment we support two non-profit organisations that help support sustainable development in parts of the world that need it most.




Architecture In Development (A.I.D.) is initiated to re-connect sustainable development to architecture by developing a user-generated knowledge platform.

It is a collective project that invites the world to research collaboratively the cultural, social, economic and various contexts behind the architecture projects. Over the past few years AID has nurtured a global community of more than 40,000 young professionals dedicated to community architecture.

We are supporting A.I.D’s new initiative, Buildify, which aims to systematically transform architectural practice by re-distributing resources across various platforms and online media.

For every employer that becomes a member of our subscribed service, we will donate on a monthly basis to help fund Buildify projects worldwide.

To learn more about Buildify please visit:




EngineerAid is an international development charity, working to provide remote solutions to engineering and technology problems in the less economically developed countries by providing a platform to engineers to collaborate and solve problems.

Every placement made goes towards helping provide remote engineering solutions and building of development projects within economically developing countries. Not only monetary help but our candidates and clients have the opportunity to volunteer professional support working with public and private sector companies around the world.

They can volunteer small amounts of their time through social media, offering advice & support on the many projects we help build.

We put projects in touch with over 250 specialist engineers last year (each with an average work experience of 10 years), amounting to a commitment of 474 hours of engineering support per month, the equivalent of $569,000 per annum of engineering resource (at an average AUS market value of $100 per hour).

To learn more please visit: